We are car enthusiasts, automobile fans, all our lives revolving in this field. Many years we work with vehicle body parts (Doors, hoods, fenders). Parts made of glass fiber, carbon, kevlar or any other composite are characterized as lightweight and extreme durability. Mastering the complexity of this field allowed us to reach incredible heights and skills to produce the highest standard quality products. No matter what motorsport discipline you are preparing your vehicle (drift, circuit, rally etc.) we can resolve all your body related tasks: 

  • Create vehicle exterior design.
  • Prepare visuals.
  • Scan and prepare vehicle 3D print.
  • Model new body exterior parts.
  • Mill and prepare master layouts.
  • Make working forms.
  • Start serial manufacturing with the composites of your choice, which all conforms to the highest technical standards. 
  • Consult in any automotive and composites related question!

        You can find some of our products here: E. Shop